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Candles (Odor Eliminating)

Where and when the candle was truly invented is shrouded by time; it’s likely, even, that the use of candles sprang up in several places independently. What’s certain is that by 200 B.C. candles were in use in China, India, and Rome. The candles varied by region: Chinese candles were made with rice paper wicks and insect wax, Roman versions with papyrus wicks and beeswax or tallow, and Indian candles with wax made from boiling cinnamon—probably the first example of the classic cinnamon candle! For hundreds of years, candles remained largely the same, most being tallow or animal fat candles that were used for lighting homes, for lamps, and for religious ceremonies. When industrial whaling began in the 1700’s, everything changed. Whale fat burned cleanly, with a bright flame, and it was very cheaply available, driving the cost of candles down. The candle market boomed until the invention of the lightbulb in the 1870’s.

Today candles are made of many different waxes that have been developed by scientists. We use soy wax, one of the best and most popular waxes, to make our Odor Eliminating candles. The candle market is booming again as candles are increasingly seen as a way to decorate, a way to relax, and a way to set the mood.

Our Beamer candles also have an additional, important function: they feature enzymes that actually work to absorb and eliminate odors, ensuring that your home will smell clean and fresh even after you’ve put the candle out. Each 12 oz candle can burn for up to 90 hours with a properly trimmed wick. With several different scents, each with its own unique and pleasing aroma, you’re sure to find one you love!


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