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Shisha, Molasses, and Ice Drops

The word molasses (just like the Arabic word for shisha, mu’assel) comes from the Latin word for ‘honey’. Anyone who has enjoyed the sweet taste of shisha can certainly understand why that’s the case! But the term shisha now encompasses much more than just the classic syrupy molasses mix. We sell new, innovative shisha products such as Beamer Herbal Molasses and Ice Drops Gel Shisha. Beamer Herbal Molasses is a tobacco-free variant of shisha that uses herbs instead of tobacco as its base. This allows for incredibly smooth, flavorful clouds, and we’ve produced Beamer Molasses in an array of flavors that are worthy of such a quality smoke.

Our Ice Drops gel shisha is a glycerin-based shisha that produces huge clouds and smooth flavor, without the harsh throat feeling or headaches of tobacco. When heated, it doesn’t melt, but the juicy “rocks” shrink as they release flavor. It’s a totally new way to smoke hookah, but we’re confident once you try it you’ll fall in love.

Both of our hookah product lines are tobacco and nicotine-free, so you get all of the delicious flavor without any of the harshness or any of the headaches and dizzy feeling that tobacco can cause. Because our shisha is tobacco-free, we are also able to offer it to you at a fantastic price! Each hookah product line features around 35-40 flavors. Out of all these flavors, we are confident that one of them will be your new favorite. Enjoy!