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Gizeh Silver Tip Plastic Injector

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Gizeh - Plastic - Injector - Silver Tip - King Size/100mm
4.0 Ounces
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Product Description

The Gizeh Silver Tip Injector helps you to quickly make well-packed king size cigarettes. The machine employs a lightweight, easy to use lever mechanism that provides just the right amount of force to create a perfect cigarette—not packed too tight, not packed too loose. The machine is easily portable for rolling on-the-go. It fits only king size tubes, so be sure that’s the size you want before purchasing. Enjoy effortlessly-rolled cigarettes with the Gizeh Silver Tip Injector.

Other Details

Hand-powered cigarette injector machine
Make cigarettes easily and quickly
Easy to use lever mechanism
Fits king size tubes only

Product Reviews

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