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Pipe Screens

Screens: Brass, Steel, Glass, and Titanium Tobacco Pipe Screens | Beamer Smoke

Our premium screens come in multiple designs and materials! We have glass, brass, and steel products in different styles such as daisies and jacks!

Screens are a luxury accessory for tobacco pipes, bowls, and other smoking items. They help smoking by providing a more soothing inhale and easier cleanup by filtering tobacco or other legal herbs from entering the stem of the tobacco pipe or bowl. Beamer Smoke began selling screens made from brass or steel back in 2014. Noticing that our consumers were not happy with the quality, we took matters into our own hands! We began crafting our own brand name screens from the highest quality brass, stainless steel, grade A glass, and titanium. Our different designs and styles include the top hat and dome, which dip to fit perfectly in the divot of almost any bowl or pipe, daisies and jacks, and the regular circular legal herb pipe screens!