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Beamer Smoke Since 2010!
Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.



Smoking Accessories

Rolling papers and glass pipes might be the stars of the show, but what takes a roll from good to great are the accessories.

Pipe Cleaners

When it comes to pipe cleaners, we could have done them like most companies do and produced 6” Hard Bristle cleaners, 6” Soft cleaners, and called it a day. But we didn’t and now we sell some of the most unique, useful pipe cleaners on the market. Our 12” and 24” pipe cleaners help you reach spots in your pipe, hookah, or bong that you thought were unreachable—allowing you to get that perfect feeling of taking the first drag on a completely clean piece.      

Pipe Screens

We manufacture our own line of high-quality pipe screens, in every size, shape, count, and material imaginable. We make brass, steel, and titanium screens, in sizes ranging from .375” to 1.0”, many in both the standard flat screen style as well as dome and top hat shapes, and in packs of 25 to 1000.

Rolling Machines and Rollers

Rolling machines and rollers can help even novice smokers to roll perfect cigarettes easily and quickly. Whether you prefer to use tubes and an injector or papers and a roller, we have what you need! In addition to all the normal rollers we also have unique rollers like the Futurola Cone Roller (designed by Dutch engineering students), the Raw 12” Roller, and the Raw 2-Way Adjustable Roller]].

Rolling Trays

Tired of having the classic “smoker’s table” that’s littered with paper packets and little pieces of herb and ash? A rolling tray helps keep you neat and clean, in addition to helping you to roll. We have trays in every size made of metal, bamboo, and plastic. Some, like the Raw and Elements trays, are based off the simple, legendary Club rolling trays of the 1970’s. Others, like our Beamer Bamboo trays, have not only a space for rolling but slots for papers, lighters, dab tools, and all sorts of other accessories too! 


You never realize how essential rolling tips are to a good cigarette until you start using them. Tips prevent the worst parts of smoking: herbs getting sucked in your mouth, cigarette ends getting soggy and gross at the end of a rotation, and fumbling the cigarette while trying to pass it because it’s burned down and there’s no good place to hold it. We sell paper roll-up tips for making crutches, cotton filter tips for RYO enthusiasts, and glass crutches for all those who never want to buy another pack of tips in their life!