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Pipes, Bongs & Accessories

We sell an incredible amount of smoking pieces, so many that it’s beneficial to divide them into categories based on design. Here are the basic distinctions that we use:


Also called spoons, pipes, and bowls, handpipes are the classic piece that everyone has used at some point. They usually measure about 4-6 inches long and feature a carb on the side of the bowl that allows for control of airflow. Handpipes are dry pieces and don’t use any water to filter the smoke. 

Sherlock Pipes

While similar to handpipes, Sherlock pipes are distinguished by their curved dip shape, inspired by the kind of pipes Sherlock Holmes smokes as he solves mysteries. Their longer neck makes them very comfortable to smoke. Sherlock pipes are typically dry as well.


Your piece, your daily driver, “The Bong”—whatever you call them, it’s likely that you have a special affection for these oddly-shaped pieces of glass. Many smokers go so far as to name them! Looking at today’s intricate creations it’s hard to imagine that the basic structure of the bong (a bowl connected to a bulbous base, filled with water, leading up to a skinny neck) has remained basically unchanged since 2400 years ago when Scythian tribal chiefs used them to smoke cannabis and opium. The Scythians used it to steel themselves for battle; we forgive you if you’re only using it only to steel yourself for the pizza that’s about to be delivered to your house.


Bubblers are handheld pipes that feature one or more chambers that are filled with water, cooling and filtering the smoke as it travels from the bowl to your mouth. Bubblers are quite popular because they combine the portability of handpipes with the smooth water filtering of bongs and other larger pieces.


So named for their resemblance to the roll of a steamroller, steamrollers are interesting pieces that are a ton of fun to smoke. They have three openings—the mouthpiece, bowl, and carb—that are all in-line, the mouthpiece and carb forming the two ends of the cylinder. Because the carb is so large, steamrollers allow for large amounts of airflow, letting you clear a bowl in only a few hits!

Dab Rigs

The bong’s hip younger brother, dab rigs are basically the same thing as bongs but with one big difference: the use of a nail instead of a bowl, allowing for concentrates (highly potent products such as wax, dabs, shatter etc.) to be smoked. Most bongs can be made into dab rigs by adding a nail, and vice-versa, so if you like both dry herbs and concentrates don’t worry—you won’t have to buy two different pieces to smoke them. Like bongs, dab rigs come with either 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joints.