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Beamer Smoke Since 2010!
Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.




We have quick lighting hookah charcoals in cylinders and squares by the most popular brands. Low prices and fast shipping guaranteed.

Charcoal is a form of carbon that has been used in many cultures as a detoxifying agent, but also as a source of fuel. Lighting charcoal on a hookah head is the most efficient and common way to heat up the molasses/shisha in the bowl. This method has been used for centuries. We have recently begun manufacturing our own line of premium quality charcoal to go along with our hookahs, molasses, and Ice Drops Gel™. We are currently using coconut shells to make our charcoal. This gives us an advantage in that it minimizes the ash content, produces no sparks or smoke, and is an environmentally friendly, renewable energy source! Beamer Smoke Coconut Shell Charcoal is also a perfect gift for any hookah user! Beamer coconut shell charcoal is 100% natural, quick lighting, has a MAX of 3% ash, and doesn’t spark. No tastes, chemicals, sparks, smoke, or fibers. Check out our packages below.