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Beamer Smoke Since 2010!
Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA.





The basic centerless grinder design was developed around 1905, though back then the design was much larger and was intended for industrial use processing plant matter. When the design was miniaturized for use in pharmacies, somehow we smokers got our hands on it (possibly passed on by a chill pharmacist), and we’ve been using it to grind up our herbs ever since! At first the design was simple: two pieces, each with teeth and a magnet in the middle. It worked, but it could be improved; with only two pieces, it wasn’t as efficient as possible. Designers added a third piece, and put holes in the bottom of the grinding chamber to enable continuous grinding of herbs. Then they added a fourth piece, and a mesh screen to separate them, and the modern four piece grinder as we know it was born!

Since then, within the basic four-piece/three-chamber design there has been a flurry of innovations. Clear tops and herb compartments, grinding teeth of every shape, a vibration button to separate out kief, handles and levers for easy grinding, removable screens, and the development of blades in place of teeth are all features that have just recently shown up on grinders. With the gradual loosening of laws governing marijuana use along with slowly thawing societal views on marijuana fueling rapid expansion in the industry, everyone is looking for a way to make their product stand out. We doubtless will experience plenty of new innovations as different companies vie for their share of the fast-expanding market. Beamer will be there to provide these innovations to you!  

We sell a wide array of grinders, from simple two-piece acrylic grinders that are as useful as they are affordable to four-piece grinders made from durable, lightweight aircraft aluminum that you’ll be using for years to come. We also have some new designs in the works, so check back often and see what we’ve got going on!