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We carry many different products that help you to properly store your tobacco, legal smoking herbs, and concentrates, decreasing smell and increasing the length of time that they stay fresh. From airtight Pop Top jars in several different sizes, Doob Tubes for smokers on the go, and silicone jars for your concentrates, to UV Protection Jars which offer the highest level of protection and can extend the life of your product for months, every smoker can find a storage solution that suits their needs! Each of our storage products comes in a large range of sizes and colors. The right storage container protects not just your herbs from degradation but also protects you from nosy roommates, friends, or parents. Get yours today!

Pop Top Jars

Coming in 6, 13, 19, 30, and 60 dram sizes, Pop Top containers are a great way to store your smoking herbs and other products. The smaller sizes are extremely portable, and even the largest size fits easily in a bag or large purse. Pop Top containers are airtight, keeping any smell from your herbs in and keeping you discreet.

Doob Tubes

Doob Tubes are the ultimate in discreet transport for your pre-rolled cigarettes. Developed by a cancer patient who was tired of others smelling his medical marijuana, Doob Tubes keep you discreet by preventing any smell from leaving the container. 

UV Protection Jars

UV Protection Jars are the ultimate in storage, and are perfect for herbs, lotions, balms, oils, and more. They seal tightly and are made of UV glass which prevents the degradation of your herbs. UV Protection Jars are proven to extend freshness of your products for at least six months!