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Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers & Accessories

Native Americans have been using pipes and rolled tobacco leaves to smoke the tobacco plant for millennia, but it wasn’t until tobacco made its way from America to Spain that people started rolling tobacco up in paper and smoking it. It began with beggars who would collect the discarded cigar butts of the upper class and roll them in whatever paper they had, usually newspaper. Eventually, the papermaking companies of the day (some of the oldest still around being Rizla+, Bambú, JOB, OCB, and Zig Zag) began to make paper specifically for rolling with tobacco. It was Zig Zag that first invented the modern interleaved book of rolling papers we know today.

Today we’re living in a golden age of innovation by rolling paper companies, and rolling paper now comes in a huge variety of styles and sizes! Among our product line are papers made of rice, hemp, wood/flax blends, cellulose, and several other materials. Many smokers like rice paper for its thinness, which helps to provide a smooth, slow burn, but hemp papers (especially organically-grown ones like Raw Organic) have become increasingly popular. We also carry flavored papers, and interesting, unique papers such as Urban Wraps and Pouch Papers.   

We carry a huge selection of rolling papers ranging from the extremely popular to the obscure, and we work diligently to ensure that we update our selection often with newly released products. No matter what kind of paper you like, we’re sure that we offer at least one product you will love.


Rolling Paper Sizes
Single Wide: About 70mm x 34mm. The smallest size of rolling paper, Single Wide-sized cigarettes are great for solo smokers.  Double Wide: About 78mm x 78mm. A fairly rare size, these papers are intended to allow you to smoke twice as much material as a Single Wide.
1 ¼ (One and a Quarter): About 78mm x 45mm. These are the most common size of paper—the size all other papers are compared to.  King Size: About 110mm x 55mm. The largest common size, these papers are perfect for smoking with groups.
1 ½ (One and a Half): About 78mm x 60mm. These papers allow for a fatter cigarette that can hold more herb than standard-size papers and burns more slowly. King Size Slim: About 110mm x 45mm. More common than King Size, these papers are slightly thinner to allow for an easier roll.